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Food Philosophy

I don’t believe that any food should be off limits.  If I want something, I have it.  The key is to have that something in moderation. I listen to my body and eat the food that it wants.

That being said, my body craves healthy food (typically), and I truly enjoy having a healthy clean diet. I shy away from processed food, dairy (I’m lactose intolerant), and fried foods, although sometimes I sneak a fry or two from my husband’s plate in restaurants. The crispy ones are the best!

Of course, there was a time when I hopped from diet to diet, feared carbs, and nearly fainted if oil was added to my dish.

I even remember a time when I picked little shreds of carrot out of my salad at a restaurant because the Atkins diet declared them off limits.

No carrots allowed!

It feels so liberating not to put limits on myself. I am not afraid of food. I know that if I eat healthy most of the time then I can splurge every now and again.

A life without cookies is no life at all!

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